Bay Area Independent School Consortium, California

Independent schools are interested in expanding course options and providing digital literacy skills to their students while maintaining high academic standards and the personal touch which their students and families value. Evergreen is working with five independent schools in California’s Bay Area to explore these issues and plan and implement a blended learning consortium that will achieve these goals. Primary project deliverables include:

  • Build a process and framework for how the schools will work collaboratively.
  • Develop a vision, project goals, and implementation timeline for the blended offerings of the consortium.
  • Build capacity of representatives of each school so that they gain an understanding of the basics of blended learning, instruction, content creation and acquisition, technology, and other key issues.
  • Create a budget that matches the goals and implementation schedule.
  • Support the communication of the key elements of blended learning to students, parents, school staff, and other stakeholders.