Kent Intermediate School District, Michigan

Working in cooperation with a local organization (Parallel Consulting), Evergreen is supporting the launch of two new blended high school programs serving nearly 300 students from 20 districts in the Grand Rapids area. MySchool@Kent is a hybrid high school program that combines online instruction with learning lab supported teaching on two scheduled days each week. A second program, SuccessLink, serves at-risk students, and includes both online instruction and learning support offered at one of several community centers. In both programs, certified teachers are available for students both online and in learning labs. Primary project deliverables include:

  • identify and contract with an online course provider.
  • research and author seat-time waivers for all participating school districts.
  • collaborate with local staff to create an enrollment marketing plan and associated marketing materials.
  • work side-by-side with program leader to implement a variety of administrative functions.
  • create of a detailed budget, including three-year projections.