Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills, California

Chaminade College Preparatory, Chatsworth, California – This strategic planning project resulted in a four-year plan to move from a web-enhanced instructional environment to a blended model for grades 6-12 in this mid-sized Catholic school in the Marianist tradition. This process required a coordinated plan for two different blended learning approaches in the middle and high schools, while maximizing the 1:1 device implementation and learning management system common to both schools. Evergreen is working including decisions related to content, teaching, technology, operations, scheduling, personnel, finance and marketing. Primary deliverables include:

  • Develop and define blended learning models to bridge the gap from the current web-enhanced instructional model to one that provides various blended learning options for students.
  • Identify an online content strategy for the high school and a separate strategy of the middle school program.
  • Create a four-year implementation plan and timeline that includes all of the components of new blended programs or two considerably different approaches.
  • Identifying professional development for new or existing blended teachers in a multi-year, phased approach.
  • Identify budget goals and considerations for blended learning implementation in the context of the overall school budget.
  • Assess and provide suggestions for marketing and communications.